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Electric Drive Italia is leader in engineering & turn key supply in field of E-Mobility System Integration.

Recognized as innovative company of systems integration and engineering in October 2014, Electric Drive Italia has answered to the new requests of the electric mobility market, creating, for corporate bodies, firms, municipalities, turistic and commercial structures, a personalized, turnkey offer of products and services constituted by:


Therefore, not a simple offer of charge stations and electric vehicles, but Integrated Systems of Electric Mobility (SIME)

Electric Drive Italia distinguishes itself by the ability to provide  "Intelligent Infrastructures" (B.O.M.T.S. platform), thanks to a  massive use of the Information Technology for the management of electric vehicles (cars, buses, bikes,etc)

The  Electric Drive Italia proprietary platform, named B.O.M.T.S. provides 2 kinds of services: 

  1.  Standard Services, preliminary to the operational management of the intelligent infrastructure: 
  •  Services of payment, reservation, accounting, billing, adaptation of recharge power to the characteristics of the vehicle connected to the station, h24 monitoring , etc. that  are implemented in relation of the various design requests, always in order  to provide a tool that allows the respect of the business plans.

  1. Additional Services, customized in relation of clients requests:

  • Payments with customized payment cards or similar systems
  • Payments management in private parkings entry or exit
  • Management  of vehicles of different producers, both with electric  and combustion engin (mixed fleets management) 

Thanks to an elevated technical know how acquired in the systems  integration we can provide:

  1. Feasibility studies
  2. Study and determination, with clients, of business plans, preliminary to the project
  3. Executive planning of the final configuration of the system (use of  B.O.M.T.S. standard configuration & engineering of ad hoc solutions required by the client)
  4. Complex ICT and Electric Infrastructures, as:
  • Intelligent charge systems for electric vehicles  and ICT services for consumers and municipalities
  • Grids fed by traditional sources 
  • Grids fed by renewable sources (ie photovoltaic systems, systems on coverage)
  1. Management of the infrastructure and  h24 monitoring
  2. Electric vehicles


The optimization of the grid balancing and the optimization of the           charge processes are at the base of the project platform reliability. 

Therefore the management of an intelligent infrastructure, through the B.O.M.T.S. platform of Electric Drive Italia, allows of "monitoring" in real time the evolution of the different business plans, previously agreed with the final users, guaranteeing its respect  over time. Similarly, the final users can take advantage of all the services guaranteed by the B.O.M.T.S., sustaining reduced costs, through monthly fees payment.

Electric Drive Italia S.r.L.

Via Mario Bianchini, 51 00142 Roma - Italia


Tel. +39 06 4201 1150

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