Electric Drive Italia is a leading company in Italy and Poland in the provision of high-tech services in THE SMART CITIES.
In the last 4 years Electric Drive Italia has been awarded 5 calls in the field of research and development for solutions related to technological innovation.
To enable the delivery of services related to electromobility, the company has developed, first in Italy and Poland, a highly innovative, scalable and multilayer ICT technology platform, called B.O.M.T.S.
This platform can provide 2 types of services, i.e.
Currently, those interested in entering the electromobility market can do so without necessarily having to be an Electricity Provider, as required by current legislation (Dlgs. 16 Dec. 2016 n.257, art. 4 paragraph 9), playing two well definite roles:

CPO - Charge Point Operators
They are the owners of the charge pointsthat are managed through low-level automation procedures, to provide only the charging service to owners of electric vehicles.

EmSP - Emobilty Service Providers
They provide electric vehicle owners with a range of value-added services, including charging, automated payment of services, automatic access to information of interest, using both their own charging points and CPO that delegates the management of their points to them.

ELECTRIC DRIVE ITALIA is able to meet the needs of both roles thanks to its I.C.T. MULTIFUNCTIONAL B.O.M.T.S,which directly manages the charging points owned by third-party CPO or by allowing private or public companies to play the role of EmSP, with the immediate availability of a stand-alone, comprehensive and customized system of charging station management and provision of e-mobility services.

Municipalities, energy providers or other companies are therefore able to enter the market of electromobility quickly and at low expense