Thanks to the use of the multi-functional ICT platform, namedB.O.M.T.S., Electric Drive Italia plays the role of EmSP (Electromobility Service Provider), providing electromobility services to the owners of electric or hybrid vehicles that intend to source at the charging stations placed under its direct management .

The owners of charging stations(CPO- Charge Point Operator) can request Electric Drive Italia to manage the stations on their behalf, so as to be able to offer their customers sophisticated electromobility services without having to bear all the charges connected to the procedures linked to the normal operation and maintenance of the equipments.

The benefits for the owners of charging stations (CPO), deriving from an assignment under management to Electric Drive Italia are:

  • Visualization of their systems in the Electric Drive Italia appfor the identification and acquisition of top-up services by owners of electric or hybrid vehicles

  • Possibility of entering the list of charging stations recognized by users of other EmSPsThe functionality is called eRoaming

  • Setting of own tariff policyfor single station or groups of stations

  • Payment for services via virtual POS inserted in the Electric Drive Italia appor viaphysical POS that can be installed at the charging stations

  • Management of coupons that can be distributed to vehicle owners, for example for purposes of loyalty

  • Recognition of users via app or proximity card readers

  • Possibility of bookingrecharging sockets

  • Automatic remote management of recharge and payment services

  • 24h automatic monitoring of the functionality of the connected systems and services thanks to the Electric Drive Italia management center

  • Central Help Desk Service

  • Management of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

  • Possibility of enriching the services offered to users with new information features