LUISS Green Mobility

"LUISS Green Mobility" is the first connected and shared intelligent mobility university service in Europe that, through a state-of-the-art smart ICT platform called B.O.M.T.S. designed by Electric Drive Italia and a simple application, is transforming the way of moving in cities of the entire university community that has the possibility to move between the University locations and between the streets of the Capital with cars and bicycles, thus integrating the environmental sensitivity with ICT innovation and the most advanced research in the automotive industry.
"LUISS Green Mobility" responds in concrete terms to the need for a more social ecology and a more protected environment, with a view to training in which respect for nature and the common good is an essential piece for the growth of each student. The initiative, in fact, aims to stimulate among the new generations the tendency to drive at zero emissions at competitive costs, thus removing over time urban mobility from the list of the main causes of air pollution and especially of the global climate change.

Key Figures

The Vehicle Sharing LUISS Green Mobility is a service offered by Electric Drive Italia and dedicated to students, teachers and LUISS administrative staff.
The usable vehicles are of two types, rentable at the charging facilities installed in the LUISS locations of Viale Pola (terrace at the back of Villa Alberoni), Viale Romania (the main entrance side near Villa Heritz) and Via Parenzo (side adjacent garage access):
- Electric car
- Electric pedal-assisted bike
In February 2018, the entire LUISS Green Mobility service was completely revamped with more modern and technological vehicles.